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Weight Loss Made Simple – MyDoc Launches Medically Supervised LivingLite™, in Singapore and the Region

Partnering with various pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers, LivingLiteTM is part of MyDoc’s suite of integrated chronic disease management programmes.

MyDoc, a value-based digitally managed care platform, has launched LivingLiteTM, a medically supervised weight management programme for Singapore, in partnership with iNova Pharmaceuticals, Vista Health and Guardian Health & Beauty. Backed by the Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society of Singapore, this intervention programme is designed to optimise patient success in overcoming weight loss challenges. It is one of a series of clinically supported chronic disease management programmes designed to suit patients in this region.

“MyDoc continuously introduces world-class medically-proven programmes that are adapted for Asia to help patients get the right care at the right time, so they avoid unnecessary hospitalisation and expensive medical costs,” added Dr. Metupalle, Co-founder and Chief Information Officer of MyDoc.

In Singapore, the percentages of adult Singaporeans who were overweight were 31.7 per cent for men and 21.2 per cent for women in 2014. By 2025, the percentages are estimated to increase to 36.5 per cent for men and 21.7 per cent for women, according to the World Obesity Federation.

When living with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 25, patients are at higher risk of diseases that include cardiovascular (heart and blood circulation), high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, colon and breast cancer, depression and other mental disorders that impact their productivity at work and their overall quality of life.

“Our own digital health screening data shows that a large majority of corporate and SME employees are at risk of chronic illnesses. 56% of working adults are overweight and 21% have a BMI over 27.5,” said Dr. Vas Metupalle.

LivingLiteTM provides a weight management that is consistent and well supported. Users who follow the programme are monitored closely to lose weight safely and sustainably.

LivingLiteTM is a great example of helping patients with health literacy, adherence and behavioural change by combining an innovative digital platform, a medical treatment and a patient support program for weight loss. MyDoc is the ideal partner of choice to deliver localised digital therapeutics for Asian patients. We are excited to leverage MyDoc’s regionwide footprint and its presence in Singapore, a regional biomedical hub,” stated Anthony Morton-Small, Director of Vista Healthcare, who has over 20 years of pharmaceutical consulting experience in Asia.

Research also shows that most people don’t have the adequate knowledge to choose the right foods that suit them and struggle to find inspiration for recipes they can make and enjoy. The programme addresses this by including detailed meal plans that are adapted to local preferences.

MyDoc offers a fully integrated online-to-offline, always-on platform where patients can consult their multidisciplinary personal care team of locally licensed GPs, pharmacists, dieticians, and health coaches. Patients who are prescribed medication during the programme can collect their prescription from selected Guardian pharmacies and will be monitored by the multidisciplinary team to ensure optimal outcomes.

President of the Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society of Singapore Dr. Jaideepraj Rao shared, “Obesity management is a multi-disciplinary care team effort ranging from nutrition care, medical & surgical therapy. Access & convenience are always challenging. MyDoc is bringing team-based care online, which can likely scale to meet these ballooning needs.” [APBN]