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Venturing into the New Year

Editor’s Letter

Entering into the first month of 2021, APBN looks to bring you more exciting stories in science and technology this year. Exploring more exciting topics in Science and Technology and looking to shape the magazine to provide better science communication and information from across Asia Pacific. The last year has been a trying year for everyone, especially those directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The start of the new year marks an opportunity for new beginnings and renewed hope in times of despair. As countries across the world begin vaccinations against COVID-19, we can’t help but admire the researchers and scientists who have made it possible for a vaccine to be developed at such an accelerated pace. We believe that driven by urgency of medical need and innovation empowered the unprecedented accelerated development of the COVID-19 vaccines.

In the spirit of innovation, for the Features section of this month APBN brings to the cover story of the month by experts in the fields of gastroenterology, hepatology, and inflammatory bowel disease to discuss advantages and challenges of home-based mobile applications for diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease. (p. 22) Also in the Features section we take a look at new technologies and trends in the field of cell-line research and development and how it is shaping up the future of medicine. (p. 28)

Shifting the focus to healthcare, the Columns section covers on the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare. In an article contribution by Peter Quinlan, the Business Leader for Precision Diagnosis for Philips ASEAN Pacific, he discusses how the use of artificial intelligence is the key to boosting clinical decision-making in times of crisis and emergency situations. (p. 18) Another article contribution by Michelle Tan delves in possible factors that contribute to the slow adoption rate of artificial intelligence in healthcare systems. (p. 14)

Keeping to the healthcare theme of this month, the Spotlights section will bring you interviews from two separate experts in the field of healthcare technology. The first interview with Geoff Soon, Managing Director leading cloud data platform solutions company, Snowflake’s, business growth Asia. He shares with us how data analytics will help to drive the next wave of healthcare innovation. (p. 32) In another interview, Vincent Goh, Vice President for Asia Pacific and Japan at CyberArk, a cybersecurity solutions company, shares how healthcare systems are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats and the ways these organizations can mitigate any cyberattacks. (p.36)

This year also marks the 25th Anniversary of Asia-Pacific Biotech News, in this milestone, the APBN team would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our avid readers who have supported us throughout the years. We hope to continue to have your support to drive our passion for science communication and sharing of stories in science and technology from across Asia Pacific and beyond.

Deborah Emmanuel Seah Qing En