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Tougher Supervision Vowed Over Food and Drugs

Measures to regulate food safety, especially in dairy, meat and healthcare products.

The State Administration for Market Regulation vowed to toughen supervision over the healthcare sector.

Severe punishment will be meted out and heavy fines imposed on enterprises that violate laws or cause serious harm, Zhang Mao, head of the administration, said on 27 December 2018.

According to the administration, more stringent oversight will be carried out, especially over vaccines, following a major scandal involving Changsheng Bio-technology Co in Changchun, Jilin province but also over medical products as well as food and drug safety.

The administration released a draft vaccine management law in November which imposed the strictest regulatory monitoring to ensure vaccine safety and quality throughout the entire production chain.

In terms of food safety, problems of excessive use of pesticides, illegal additives and false advertising will be targeted, and authorities will take action to promote the quality of dairy, meat and healthcare products, as well as foods sold on campuses, online and in rural markets.

A new round of safety measures targeting the baby formula industry will also begin.

Baby formula has always been an inspection priority and a major concern of Chinese parents, particularly since 2008, when melamine-tainted milk killed at least six infants and sickened thousands more. Over the years, the government has increasingly tightened measures to regulate the industry.

The new regulations, which take effect in January, ban manufacturers not certified by authorities from selling their goods. [APBN]

Source: China Daily