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The Clinician Begins Rollout of Patient-Reported Outcome and Experience Measures for the Singapore Public Healthcare System

This programme will provide more holistic and personalised care for patients, improving health outcomes.

The Clinician, a global digital health leader, has partnered with Singapore’s HealthTech agency, Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), to launch an electronic patient-reported outcome and experience measures (PROMs and PREMs) programme across Singapore’s public healthcare system. The purpose of the programme is to measure and improve the health outcomes and experiences that matter most to patients.

The rollout of The Clinician’s ZEDOC digital health platform followed a call for collaboration by IHiS, and multiple projects have been launched across the country:

“The Clinician is excited about this partnership, which will bolster patient engagement and enable clinicians to more effectively assess patients’ health status before, during and after receiving a health service – closing the loop when they are outside the hospital,” says Dr. Ron Tenenbaum, CEO at The Clinician and a trained surgeon, “This will allow providers to provide more holistic and personalised care for patients by taking into account their perspectives for the first time.”

Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) are clinically validated health assessments that capture patients’ perceptions of their own health, including quality of life, symptom burden, physical function and emotional wellbeing. As survivorship for many conditions improves, the collection of PROMs becomes critical for measuring, analysing and improving patient morbidity. Patient-reported experience measures (PREMs) capture patients’ own perceptions of their experiences while receiving care, providing important insight into care quality domains such as communication, timeliness of care, comfort, and emotional support.

Research has shown that routine collection and analysis of PROMs improves patient outcomes while containing costs, with two separate studies finding a 54.4 per cent relative reduction in 90-day complications for hip and knee surgery patients and a five-month improvement in survival for cancer patients when digitally monitoring PROMs.

The rollout of ZEDOC in Singapore’s public health system will enable healthcare providers to digitally capture PROMs and PREMs from patients outside the hospital and analyse the data in real-time, providing benefits for both healthcare providers and patients.


Benefits for Healthcare Providers

  • Replace existing paper-based forms with an integrated digital platform that automates data capture
  • Deliver data-driven and personalised care based on a complete picture of each patient’s health status and experiences
  • Build deeper relationships with patients that extend beyond the hospital walls
  • Identify complications early to prevent readmissions and unnecessary hospitalisations
  • Benchmark outcomes across providers to reduce variability and waste


Benefits for Patients

  • Report on their health outcomes and experiences from the privacy of their own homes, on their own mobile devices
  • Better communication with healthcare providers
  • More involvement in treatment decision-making and improved engagement in their health
  • Earlier detection of health risks and warning signs
  • Increased care efficiency and efficacy through data-driven healthcare delivery

The aim of the public healthcare programme is to significantly enhance outcomes and experience reporting across Singapore. This will enable data to be benchmarked at a national level, helping reduce variability and the delivery of services that do not deliver better outcomes or experiences for patients.

To enable the successful launch of digital PROMs and PREMs projects within Singapore’s public health system, The Clinician and IHiS are working on multiple integrations with existing health information systems and have implemented a privacy preserving hybrid architecture. This novel architecture approach ensures all personally identifiable information stays within IHiS’ private health cloud (H-Cloud) while all anonymised patient-reported health data is collected via a secure commercial cloud platform.

“Our ZEDOC Platform has been validated against stringent privacy and security requirements set forth by the Singapore public healthcare sector,» says Dr. Koray Atalag, CIO of The Clinician, “Necessity is the mother of invention and in this case, we knew we had to come up with an innovative design to deliver a solution that securely connects patients outside the hospital (fire)walls with care providers. This was challenging with the restrictions put in place separating public Internet from the secure private healthcare network. Having developed, tested, and validated our innovative hybrid architecture, it clearly gives The Clinician a huge competitive advantage to be able to deploy public-facing healthcare applications.” [APBN]

Source: The Clinician