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Tencent Makes Medical Information Readily Available to the Public

Chinese tech giant, Tencent Holdings Limited launched its first medical information mini program application on WeChat.

In collaboration with WebMD, an American online publisher of health information, Tencent launched their version of a medical information platform in the form of a mini program on WeChat in 2017.

The platform known as “Medipedia” (腾讯医典) provides comprehensive information on medical conditions and drug information where users are able to access through their WeChat application. The information is delivered in readable articles that are easily relatable to the general public.

Medical information is vetted thoroughly by a medical editorial team to ensure the accuracy and validity of the contents. Medical doctors and healthcare professionals are also invited to contribute editorials and podcasts that addresses major healthcare concerns. Through Medipedia, Tencent aims for Chinese users to have a platform that is reliable and able to meet medical informational needs of the patient.

“We want to leverage on a systematic approach to make sure that it can actually resolve questions that the patient may have along their journey, whether pre- or post-treatment.” Explains Mr Zhang Meng, Vice President of Tencent Medical.

Content available on Medipedia carefully curated by a team of medical editors will allow users to search and obtain the information that they need to address their medical issues. The platform also provides data that is specific to the user’s needs and that they are able to look for information efficiently even after they have left the hospital after treatment.

“We want to empower the patient so that once they have left the hands of the doctor, they can take charge of their own disease condition. By gaining more knowledge, the patient will have the freedom and understand the progress of their disease.” Added Mr Zhang Meng on Tencent’s vision for the Medipedia platform. [APBN]