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Tencent Cloud Supports the 11th Ageing Asia 2020 – World Ageing Festival

Held in 2020, the 11th Ageing Asia 2020 – World Ageing Festival was backed by Tencent Cloud Conference solutions to deliver seamless and high-quality online viewing experience for its audience.

With the use of Tencent Cloud Conference solutions, this hybrid and re-branded edition of the annual International Ageing Asia Innovation Forum (AAIF) gathered an estimated 5,000 global attendees from the private, government and community sectors in health and eldercare, as well as the older adult community from 35 countries. Organised by Ageing Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore’s first ageing market network social enterprise, the event aims to profile ageing as a socio and economic opportunity that overlaps all sectors of the economy, and drives a positive perception and mindset shift on ageing.

With the capabilities and experience of Tencent Cloud Conference solutions gained from working with overseas and local enterprises at online and digital business conferences, annual meetings, road shows, lectures and industry forums – will amplify the hybrid exhibition experience through its compatibility with the vast majority of video conferencing tools available in the market while adapting to the Festival’s needs in terms of intelligent applications in a dedicated platform.

Participants can use the platform to easily select the companies they are interested in learning more about, with exhibitor information, company profile, product catalogues and contacts all at their fingertips. The platform also enables participants to enjoy effortless online communication with the exhibitors through the live chat feature.

Through its interactive navigation features, participants are provided with a user-friendly navigation on the event schedule, conference agenda, webinar and speaker information that directs them to the external video conferencing event platforms.

“While the business community and various industries are navigating the new normal, we have recently seen that virtual and hybrid conferences and exhibitions are the way to help overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic. The 11th Ageing Asia 2020 – World Ageing Festival is another exciting milestone and Tencent Cloud is glad to support the event with a wide array of innovative solutions.” Said Yeung Poshu, Vice President of Tencent International Business Group.

“By leveraging our strengths and experience gained from serving a number of global conferences, we are glad to bring convenient, user-friendly services to audiences around the world. We have also taken a further step in enhancing Tencent Cloud Conference’s vast compatibility so that we are able to integrate with major video conferencing tools in the market. This showcases our commitment to promoting the development of cloud-based virtual conferences without technological and geographical boundaries,” he added.

Janice Chia, Founder & Managing Director of Ageing Asia, said, “We re-imagined the possibilities of creating events that could be even more inclusive and foster even more engagement possibilities between older people and the eldercare sector amid the pandemic. As Asia’s most influential platform on the business of ageing, we are excited that this all-new format will continue to connect and bring an even easier access to global ageing products and participation for both older people and leaders of the industry. Thanks to the robust technological support provided by Tencent Cloud, we are confident in showcasing our exhibition and curated innovations to the world, and look forward to bringing this annual event to a whole new level.”

Held between 2 to 25 November 2020, the 11th Ageing Asia 2020 – World Ageing Festival presented a virtual showcase of the world’s best eldercare models, health innovations, products, solutions, programmes and services that enable healthy ageing, independent ageing and dignified ageing for older people in the Asia Pacific. The Festival featured content from 150 speakers over 170 sessions, and included a showcase of the world’s leading 100 products and brands that will enable successful ageing. The Festival was concluded in Singapore with a two-day physical event on 24 and 25 November 2020 with livestreaming that targets a global audience.

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