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Telehealth Innovation to Improve Access to Healthcare for Singapore Customers

Mobile app to enhance the way patients consult with doctors.

Cigna Corporation’s Singapore business have unveiled the Cigna Virtual Clinic, a digital innovation that provides customers with access to Singapore-registered doctors through a mobile application powered by Doctor Anywhere, a tech-led health & wellness company, with a mission to improve healthcare delivery through innovation and technology.

This initiative will significantly enhance the way patients consult with doctors, reducing the time typically spent travelling and waiting by providing convenient access to consultations and appointment booking. Delivery services that bring medication to the doorstep of patients within three hours of their virtual appointment also optimizes the service.

With this partnership, Cigna’s customers can enjoy an enhanced healthcare experience, bolstered by increased access to convenient, seamless quality care fronted by smart technology.

Through data integration, tracking and analytics, Doctor Anywhere and Cigna will collaborate to identify actionable insights from key behaviours and trends. Insights generated will help employers and insurers shape future workplace initiatives to improve wellness outcomes.

With the ageing Singapore population and increasing incidence of chronic diseases, the potential benefits of telemedicine for simple acute and chronic disease management are evident with the improved accessibility of care.

Telehealth services are currently supervised by the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) Licencing and Adaptation Programme (LEAP), a regulatory sandbox initiative that allows the safe development of new and innovative healthcare models to be piloted in a controlled environment. [APBN]