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STEM Conference 2020 Explores STEM Education and Outreach

Organized by the Science Centre Singapore, STEM conference 2020 brought together educators and science communication professionals to discuss innovations and changes in STEM education and outreach across Asia Pacific.

As part of a three-part series of blended learning digital-first events by the Science Centre Singapore, UNTAME, the STEM Conference 2020 was a virtual conference aimed at bringing together educators and professionals form the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to drive inspiring conversations on breakthrough discoveries and innovations on STEM education and outreach.

With the theme, “Learning without boundaries with STEM: Engaging in Exploration”, the STEM Conference 2020 provided a virtual platform for educators and professionals from various STEM disciplines to share best practices in STEM education and outreach, discuss adoption of technology in STEM education, explore ways to curate flexible learning experiences to inspire young students in pursuing STEM careers, and identify new challenges, directions and efforts to promote STEM education.

Over 500 participants attended the event from different aspects of STEM, including presentations by local and international speakers. Online networking activities and a virtual exhibition were also available for participants. The conference guests are also able to leverage a variety of online features to optimise their two-day involvement.

The virtual conference platform gave the participants the flexibility to personalize their daily agenda by scheduling presentations of choice, receive information about sessions and speakers through instant messaging alerts. The participants could also access exhibitors’ promotional content and organize virtual meet-ups with fellow delegates and exhibitors.

“The emergence of the global pandemic has further cemented the need to promote STEM education and careers amongst the next generation of thinkers, innovators and leaders. So many of our real-world problems, challenges and solutions are deeply rooted in STEM. However, in order for us to teach effectively, we must first be educated ourselves.” said Assoc Prof Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive of Science Centre Board.

“We are never too old or too experienced to hone and sharpen our skills especially with the STEM field continually evolving with the advancement in today’s digital world. The STEM conference is our opportunity to bring together great minds from all across the industry to share and cross-pollinate creativity, knowledge and expertise.” He added.

Some of the best and brightest changemakers who joined the stirring line-up of local and international speakers at the event included; Dr. Christine M. Cunningham, Professor of Education and Engineering at Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Stuart Kohlhagen, The Science Nomad Director, Science and Learning at Kellyware Pty Ltd, Assoc Prof Teo Tang Wee, National Sciences & Science Education (NSSE) at the National Institute of Education, Ms Chua Shi Qian, Senior Assistant Director, Sciences Branch, Curriculum Planning & Development Division at the Ministry of Education, and Mr Gary Lim, Head of Education, Google Cloud, Southeast Asia. [APBN]