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Smart Hospital Program Upgraded With 5G Technology

Enables remote diagnosis and treatment for infectious diseases.

China’s technology hub Shenzhen is about to pilot a new therapeutic program aided by advanced communication technology in infectious disease control, enabling physicians and surgeons to remotely diagnose and treat patients.

The Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission confirmed on 2 April 2019 that Shenzhen No. 3 People’s Hospital, Shenzhen-based tech firm Huawei and China Telecom Shenzhen Branch signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to carry out the hospital’s upgrading of smart hospital program for infectious diseases.

Before ambulances take patients to the hospital, real-time physical data, monitoring images, first-aid procedures and on-site conditions of the patients will be transmitted to the hospital within milliseconds, said Lei Yunlong, who is in charge of the hospital’s equipment department.

ER doctors can formulate rescue plans in advance and have the operating room prepared, allowing more time for treatment. Robots controlled via a smartphone will make clinical and nursing rounds. Doctors can also make HD video calls with their patients, Lei said.

Liu Lei, director of the hospital, said it will also build a new communication network-covered emergency command center which is effective in early warning, precaution and scientific research of new and major infectious disease epidemics. [APBN]

Source: Xinhua