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Singapore-based Biotechnology Company Launches Integrated Agri-Food Pilot Facility

The establishment of Singapore’s first plant-based alternative protein production facility to enhance food security is jointly supported by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

Life3 Biotech, a homegrown Singapore company that brings together expertise in urban agriculture, biotechnology, and food science to develop sustainable functional food and beverages. It will be setting up Singapore’s first integrated agri-food pilot facility with support from the SFA and SLA. Located at Paya Lebar, the facility will be used to kick-start the production of Veego, Singapore’s first plant-based alternative protein source.

Setting of the pilot facility is a major step towards producing a local alternative protein source. By providing natural plant-based ingredients for a balanced and adequate diet, Life3 Biotech aims to promote health and wellness and reduce the occurrence of chronic diseases.

Besides food production, this pilot facility will also serve as a showcase that integrates the Farm-to-Table concept for intensified local production of sustainable alternative protein sources.

The facility will also allow for Life3 Biotech to have a test-bed for innovative concepts and conduct deep research that will push the boundaries of eco-circularity and sustainability. This will be where high-tech indoor production of key protein crops can be used as quality ingredients for the company’s food formulation and manufacturing.

“Life3 Biotech is honoured to be the champion for locally-produced alternative protein sources and is grateful for the assistance rendered by SLA and SFA in the setting up of our pilot facility. As a young company, we are always looking for partners such as educational institutes, food and beverage manufacturers. The support we have received from our partners is assurance that we are on the right track.” Said Ricky Lin, Founder of Life3 Biotech

Ricky Lin also shared that Life3 Biotech hopes to reshape Singaporeans’ mindset towards sustainable food sources.

“With an actionable roadmap that we have set up to achieve, we believe Life3 Biotech will contribute positively towards Singapore’s drive towards sustainability and food security.”

The company is making final preparations to build-up its pilot facility and is grateful for the support given by SLA and SFA. SLA has worked with SFA to identify a State property to house Life3 Biotech’s integrated agri-food facility. Life3 Biotech’s contributions will also support Singapore’s strategic “30-by-30” vision, to meet 30 percent of the country’s nutritional needs locally by 2030. [APBN]