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Science, Tech, and Policies Convene for a Sustainable Future

Leaders in Science (LIS) Forum held yearly since 2016, served as an opening event for the One-North Festival, covering salient tech-policy issues of the day.

In line with the theme of this year’s forum “Innovating for a Sustainable Future”, a series of forum speakers addressed tech-policy innovations that are required in a rapidly changing technology landscape. The forum brought together over 350 top scientific minds form across the nation to discuss how technology can play a vital role in bolstering Singapore’s resilience to the effects of climate change.

The theme as highlighted by guest-of-honour, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Masagos Zulkifi, is “timely and important”. In his opening speech he mentioned the importance to engage in sustainable development to overcome challenges of climate change and limited natural resources and to achieve a shift towards a circular economy. Indicating that science and technology are key enablers of sustainability.

“We are putting science and technology at the centre of our sustainability strategy. Our policies must be evidence-based, and guided by insights from all knowledge domains, from the physical, biological and engineering sciences, to human psychology and behavioural sciences. Science can shed light on the most appropriate pathways towards a sustainable future, while technology can help us get there more efficiently.” Said Mr Masagos Zulkifi.

Held in conjunction with the LIS forum was A*ccelerateNOW!, an Innovation and Enterprise event that featured various tech start-ups and their disruptive innovations aimed at creating a sustainable future. The event also held a series of talks by A*STAR and its industry partners showcasing 3 main themes of food, healthcare, and us. [APBN]