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Population-Based Public Health Initiative in Singapore Leverages on Digital Health Platforms

Fitbit will be collaborating with Singapore’s Health Promotion Board on a healthy population project in support of Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative.

Announced in August 2019 as part of Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) will be collaborating with Fitbit as part of a nationwide health initiative. This is Fitbit’s first major integration of a digital health platform and wearables into a national public health program globally.

The initiative, Live Healthy SG set to officially go live in late October 2019 is uniquely designed for Singaporeans and will engage people of all ages and levels of health. Live Healthy SG builds on Singapore’s Smart Nation efforts to transform key sectors of society, including healthcare, through innovative technology.

“The area of population health presents an exciting opportunity for innovation. Increasingly, the Health Promotion Board has leveraged emerging technologies as well as behaviour insights in the design of our programs, such as the National Steps Challenge – a nationwide program to keep active, to encourage Singaporeans to adopt healthy living and to affect behaviour change.” Said Zee Yoong Kang, CEO, Health Promotion Board

In the partnership, the HPB will leverage its outreach channels to support Fitbit in encouraging participation in its program. When participants sign on to the Fitbit program, there will also be a clear and seamless consent process to indicate if they agree to share the data, they provide during the program with the HPB. Such data will, in turn, provide insights and contribute to more effective health promotion programs that will benefit many Singaporeans.

Pre-registration for Live Healthy SG will start in mid-September 2019, participants who enrol in and commit to one-year paid subscription of Fitbit Premium service will receive a Fitbit Insipire HR at no cost.

In addition to driving positive lifestyle changes in individuals, the program will serve as a resource that provides detailed population insights to inform future health programs. This enables the HPB to explore other opportunities in precision public health, providing interventions to the right population at the right time. [APBN]