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Over One Tenth of Chinese People Have Mental Health Problems

Urban population in better mental health than rural population.

About 11 to 15 percent of Chinese people have mild to moderate mental health problems while 2 to 3 percent have moderate to severe problems, according to China Youth Daily.

While the majority of China’s national mental health is in good condition, the urban population is, overall, in better shape than the rural population, according to a blue book released by the Institute of Psychology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The blue book, titled “Report on National Mental Health Development in China (2017-2018),” is China’s first of its kind on mental health.

The blue book suggests the strong need for psychological consultation, noting that 74 percent of surveyed people said they do not have access to such services.

Chen Zhiyan, a professor at the institute and deputy editor-in-chief of the blue book, said psychological consultation would “better meet the needs of the people concerning mental health, and improve their mental health conditions.” [APBN]

Source: Xinhua