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OMRON, HeartVoice and Great Eastern Partner to Encourage Healthier Living Through Digital Solutions

Launched in October 2020, the Back on Track! Program looks to be a first-of-its-kind collaboration in Singapore between a health-tech company, a medical equipment manufacturer and a local insurer to offer a connected monitoring program on a mobile-app to promote healthier living.

Lack of physical activity has been shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by 13 percent. Prolonged sedentary behaviour has also resulted in a poorer health trajectory. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic circuit breaker period in Singapore, closure of sports and recreation facilities has deterred many from outdoor activities and adopting a more sedentary lifestyle.

With this current collaboration between OMRON, HeartVoice and Great Eastern, the mobile-app created aims to empower the community to Healthier Today, Happier Tomorrow.

The program – Back on Track! – looks to assist individuals to stay actively engaged with their individual health, and collectively get the community’s well-being back on track. It features two packages that come with a suite of health services. These include; complimentary basic health screening with a tele-review of your results by HeartVoice’s medical team, complimentary doctor tele-consultation from HeartVoice’s panel of doctors, complimentary dengue insurance plan from Great Eastern, personal monitoring, health reviews and recommendations from HeartVoice’s medical team based on your health stats monitored through the HeartVoice App, and up to $60 OMRON vouchers.

Daisuke Nozaki, Managing Director of HeartVoice Pte Ltd, shared his view on this collaboration as well, – “Back on Track! users will be also receiving health tips as a reminder to make healthier choices on a daily basis via HeartVoice App. Friendly nudges to stay healthier can make a great behavioural change in a long run. Those on the premium package will also have their health personally monitored by our very own medical team and be provided with health reviews and recommendations to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, when users need to see a doctor, they can make use of a free telemedicine consultation with HeartVoice selected panel of doctors”.

Users are encouraged to begin with complimentary basic health screening to check their lipid profile and blood glucose levels. Test results will be available within a week and a tele-review with the HeartVoice medical team will allow users to better understand their current health condition.

Frans Velkers, Chief Operating Officer of OMRON Healthcare said, “Our cooperation with Great Eastern and HeartVoice signifies the rapidly changing healthcare environment that is driven by COVID-19. People are looking for fulfilment of their healthcare needs in different ways and increasingly through connected solutions. We are pleased to work together with these two key players in the healthcare industry to address the changing needs of society and empower people to take charge of their health.”

Regular and consistent tracking of health stats is the next important step in the journey. Users can conveniently track stats such as body weight, heart rate and blood pressure by either manually entering these readings in the HeartVoice App or have it automatically synced from selected OMRON devices.

Ryan Cheong, Managing Director of Digital for Business, Great Eastern said, “We are pleased to collaborate with OMRON and HeartVoice to help the community adopt a healthier and happier life and live Lifeproof. Life expectancy has increased, and it is important for us to start to monitor and plan early, and proactively maintain a healthy responsible lifestyle for better quality of life in our later years.”

In addition to being covered with a dengue insurance plan underwritten by Great Eastern, users can also expect to gain access to relevant and affordable insurance products which will be available on the HeartVoice App. [APBN]