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Oliver Healthcare Packaging Wins “Packaging Design of the Year” at Healthcare Asia Medtech Awards 2021

Oliver Healthcare Packaging, a leading healthcare company that drives innovation in medical packaging, has been recognised as the winner in the “Packaging Design of the Year” category at Charlton Media Group’s Healthcare Asia Medtech Awards 2021. This award is a remarkable distinction for Dispenser Integrated System Kit (DISK), one of Oliver’s most cutting-edge medical device packaging designs. When combined with an HDPE CleanCut Card, it is an all-in-one packaging system that reduces waste, assembly time, and shelf space by eliminating the need for additional packaging for procedurally related components. Consequently, it offers significant cost and time savings for medical device manufacturers.

“We have made great progress in embedding patient safety into our product offerings. Providing unparalleled technical design and development support through our global technical centers helps our customers in addressing growing regulatory requirements while improving patient outcomes,” said Dr. Aldin Velic, General Manager, Southeast Asia—Oliver Healthcare Packaging. “Having our Dispenser Integrated System Kit (DISK) acknowledged with this prestigious award further validates our commitment to the healthcare industry. Innovation has become a priority for essentially all industries and receiving the packaging design of the year award is a testament to the creativity, technical aptitude, and commitment our employees globally place on helping improve patient outcomes.”
A summary of Dispenser Integrated System Kit (DISK) features includes:
  • The Dispenser Integrated System Kit (DISK) is a coiled hoop made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), thermally bonded (with no adhesives) to an HDPE die-cut CleanCut Card, also known as a mounting card or a backer card. The coiled hoop is a clipless system; hence, it is also known as the “Clipless Dispenser”. The Clipless Dispenser allows placement of the entire catheter or a guidewire into the hoop, and drawing it with a controlled pull provides an amazingly useful combination of secure fixturing with ease of withdrawal.
  • The CleanCut Card allows retention of procedurally related components such as syringes, luers, and needles. Thus, the DISK provides a combination of meeting dual-intended end uses for packaging medical-use guidewires and catheters as well as additional components in one packaging system.
  • Current catheter and guidewire dispensers are held together using multiple injection molded clips which add costs, additional waste, increased packaging size, and unreliability in holding the device securely. The clips can also fall off in the sterile field, which can cause pouch punctures and result in failing to retain the device.
  • Oliver’s DISK addresses this important concern by doing away with the injection molded clips with its patented Clipless Dispenser. While the dispenser retains and protects guidewires and catheters, the CleanCut Card provides additional retention of procedurally-related components, presenting multiple components in one relevant package.
  • This eliminates the need to open multiple sterile pouches and shelf cartons to assemble individual components and reduce about 20-30% of packaging waste. Moreover, the dual hoop catheter DISK packages multiple catheters and guidewires of varying sizes – along with any procedural components.

About Healthcare Asia Medtech Awards

The awards programme aims to recognise medtech companies that have risen above the challenges and made a remarkable impact to their customers most especially amidst the massive disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 has taken its toll around the world but it also pushed many medtech companies to up their game in innovating products and solutions to better serve their customers. The panel of judges for this year’s awards includes executives from Deloitte, EY-Parthenon, KPMG and YCP Solidiance.

About Oliver Healthcare Packaging Company

Oliver Healthcare Packaging Company is a leading supplier of sterile barrier packaging solutions. Oliver offers sterile-grade die-cut lid, roll stock, HDPE card, and pouch products to the medical device and pharmaceutical markets. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, Oliver has manufacturing operations in Feasterville, PA; New Britain, PA; Hamilton, OH; Anaheim, CA; Venray, Netherlands; and Suzhou, China; and has sales offices and technical centers throughout the United States, Europe, China, and Singapore. More information about Oliver is available at www.oliverhcp.com or follow us on LinkedIn.

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