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Official Launch of NSG BioLabs First Co-working Laboratory and Office Space in Singapore

At 15,000 sq. ft., NSG BioLabs is the largest centre of its kind and will offer companies and entrepreneurs with a flexible and fully-equipped environment that can help biotech firms and investors leverage Singapore’s research strength to innovate breakthrough biotech ventures.

Singapore-based biotech and life science incubator, NSG BioLabs opened its doors on the 27 November 2019. Providing a conducive research and development environment to life sciences companies. The co-working laboratory and office space is located at Biopolis Road – Singapore’s international research and development hub for biomedical sciences.

Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry Dr Koh Poh Koon officially launched the labs and delivered the keynote speech. Mr Ted Tan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Singapore also graced the event. NSG BioLabs is the first private biotech incubator in Singapore that Enterprise Singapore has brought in as one of its Startup SG Accelerator partners to support the growth of biotech startups.

On the successful launch, Mr Ted Tan said, “We are pleased that NSG BioLabs has decided to set up their base in Singapore. This attests to the growth of the biotech ecosystem here. Given the long gestation period and the regulatory challenges faced in this sector, it is important to have experienced private partners, such as NSG BioLabs, who are able to provide startups with not just specialised resources, but also access to global networks and expertise. These are critical factors for startups to translate scientific discoveries into medicine.”

NSG BioLabs is a strategic partner of Nest.Bio Ventrues and Labs; a network of life science entrepreneurs and investors which pools together biotech-focused venture capital funds and possesses over 40,000 sq. ft. laboratory and office spaces in the US and China.

Daphne Teo, CEO and Founder of NSG BioLabs shared on their decision to set-up Singapore’s first biotech hub was to help biotech venture incubate innovation and provide a fully equipped facility to help them accelerate their breakthroughs.

The facility has 120 desks, 96 lab benches, eight office suites and six meeting rooms. Companies will have access to a wide array of lab equipment, including microscopes, autoclaves and centrifuges. A desk can be rented for about S$650 a month while a lab bench, where two scientists can work at a time, will be charged at S$3,000 a month.

Currently there are three tenants at the NSG BioLabs facility, Engine Biosciences, ImmunoSCAPE, and Acument Research Laboratories.

NSG BioLabs seeks to be at the forefront of life sciences revolution through its base in Singapore, is strategically-positioned to incubate biotechnologies that can generate transformational impact to the nation’s society – in addition to surrounding markets across Asia.

In addition to the state-of-the-art facility in Singapore, NSG BioLabs will also provide access to the global network and experience of its team and the Nest.Bio team. This will help to share the best practices and industry insights that can contribute to the global life sciences incubation ecosystem. [APBN]