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Novo Nordisk Launches New Treatment for Diabetes in Singapore

New innovation by Novo Nordisk combines two distinct insulin analogues, insulin degludec and insulin aspart in the ratio of 70 percent and 30 percent, that maintains stable control of glucose levels in diabetic patients.

Diabetes is a major public health concern, one in three Singaporeans are at risk of developing diabetes in their lifetime. The Singapore government declared “War on Diabetes” in 2016 to manage and raise awareness of the severity of diabetes and its complications. Across the country, over 450,000 Singaporeans live with diabetes and this number is projected to increase to one million by 2050 if steps are not taken.

Dr. Khoo Chin Meng, Head & Senior Consultant, Division of Endocrinology, National University Hospital, noted that, “One in three known persons with diabetes are in poor control, and proper management of diabetes is a challenge here in Singapore. This is a worrying figure as unmanaged blood glucose levels can lead to a multitude of serious complications, including increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, damage to nerves, kidney failure, eye and foot complications.”

Diabetes and its related complications, such as ischemic heart disease and stroke, account for 14 percent of Singapore’s total disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), making it the third largest contributor to overall disease burden. Despite recent advances, people living with diabetes face challenges in adhering to their treatment regimen while managing their daily commitments.

The new treatment developed by Novo Nordisk is a prescription medicine available in a prefilled, disposable insulin pen called FlexTouch®, specifically designed for accurate and consistent dose delivery as well as ease of handling. The improvements and innovations in Ryzodeg® FlexTouch® will provide Singaporeans living with diabetes a smarter treatment alternative to increase their confidence in managing diabetes.

Dr. Eric Khoo, Consultant Endocrinologist from Gleneagles Medical Centre elaborated that “It is important that improved and proven therapies are made available to individuals with diabetes. Current available insulin options while they do offer effective control of blood glucose in most instances.”

“There are still issues to contend with for example, risks of low glucose levels (hypoglycaemia) especially in the older adults or those with kidney or heart complications, the ease of use (the need to give the insulin at an exact time every day, a need to shake a pre-mix insulin) and the need sometimes for multiple insulins with differing devices. The availability of Ryzodeg® may help to mitigate some of these challenges and allow patients to manage their condition more effectively in reaching treatment targets”. He added.

Globally, Ryzodeg® has been approved in more than 70 countries, including the US in September 2015. In Australia, it has been approved and listed by the government into the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme, which has enabled universal access to people with diabetes nationwide.

“At Novo Nordisk, we are dedicated to developing treatments that are available for Singaporeans living with diabetes. We hope this innovation derived from the combined benefits of insulin degludec and insulin aspart will pave the way for diabetes care and management in Singapore as a more effective treatment alternative for the patients,” commented Praful Chakkarwar, Country Manager, Novo Nordisk Singapore. [APBN]