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Nine Winners Honoured for Their Contributions to the Singapore Research Community

Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI) announces winners of Distinguished Contributor Award for Clinical Research Coordinators 2019.

Given as a form of recognition of outstanding Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) the award serves to acknowledge the contributions to the profession and community in supporting research in Singapore.

CRCs are selected from the three integrated healthcare clusters in Singapore, which comprises of the National Healthcare Group (NUH), SingHealth, and National University Health System (NUHS).

The award ceremony was held in October 2019 at the SCRI-NUHS Clinical Research Coordinator Workshop. The ceremony saw healthcare professionals come together in an appreciation for outstanding CRCs who have demonstrated excellence in their work. Keeping in line with the theme of “Importance, Development, and Recognition of CRCs”, the event brought light to the contributions of the CRC profession in the clinical research sector and provided an opportunity for attendees to learn about how the profession will continue to progress in the future.

This year, there were 39 nominees from the various public healthcare institutions received. Out of the 39 nominees, nine were shortlisted for an interview by a panel of judges. The highest award, “The Distinction Award” was awarded to Ms Pang Mei Yan from NUHS. “The Merit Award” winners were Ms Lim Tze Wei and Ms Serene Ng Bee Lian from Singhealth and Ms Jaclyn Ong Yuen Yeng from National Healthcare Group.

“This award was given to recognise the important roles these clinical research coordinators played in supporting medical research in Singapore,” said Associate Professor Teoh Yee Leong, Chief Executive Officer at SCRI. “We hope the awards will continue to encourage the other clinical research coordinators to contribute in their important role to help their patients”.

“It has been an enriching and rewarding experience as a Clinical Research Coordinator. For the past 10 years, I have had the privilege to care for my patients and journey through many clinical trials together. I am honoured to be given this special distinction award by SCRI. This inaugural award is a wonderful initiative to give CRCs like myself a greater recognition for our work,” said Pang Mei Yan, Senior Clinical Research Coordinator at NUHS. [APBN]