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Installation of Mobile X-Ray System at COVID-19 Screening Center in Korea

Korea University Ansan Hospital sets up multiple temporary imaging rooms at its newly constructed COVID-19 screening center.

Dubbed “the Mecca of Medicine and Service in Northeast Asia”, the 710-bed Korea University Ansan Hospital responded to the increase demand for healthcare services amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Its response included the establishment of multiple temporary imaging rooms at the newly constructed COVID-19 Screening Center.

These designated X-ray rooms engaged the help of Carestream Health’s mobile imaging systems which are located outside the main hospital building, for screening of suspected COVID-19 patients. Carestream’s DRX Revolution Nano Mobile X-ray system, which is designed to deliver exceptional value and performance utilizes Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) Technology to minimize weight and maximize tube life.

The hospital’s spokesperson from the Radiology Department commented that, “Because the x-ray system is light, it is convenient to move to the COVID-19 Screening Center”. The spokesperson then shared that the hospital personnel were very satisfied with its high image quality and wireless exposure switch. Radiographers were also able to keep a safe distance from the equipment and the patient thus helping to reduce the spread of infection.

“The COVID 19 screening center is in a negative-pressure room made of cloth. This houses the temporary X-ray room which has been built using security-resistant containers, the container is capable of locking, to ensure security and radiation safety. Inside the container, radiation shielding is performed using a lead plate. Every day, about 15 suspected coronavirus patients have a chest X-ray.”

Carestream’s X-Factor platform lets facilities share the same wireless detector seamlessly across the company’s DRX products and allows technicians to move easily between different systems with minimal training time, which speeds workflow and exams. [APBN]