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Hong Kong’s First Biotech Firm to Cultivate Microalgae for Its Abundant Plant-Based Protein for Consumer Application

Geb Impact aims to scale up microalgae production to provide novel superfood ingredient by cost-effective mass cultivation of microalgae.

The bioscience start-up, Geb Impact Technology Company Limited has developed an advanced technology to rapidly cultivate clear water single-celled microalgae. Microalgae are the abundant and sustainable source of high-quality plant-based protein, fit for human consumption, and microalgae-based protein could revolutionise the traditional vegetarian food market. anger.

Geb Impact Technology is cultivating Euglena Gracillis, a natural species of microalgae, in a low-carbon and sustainable process, with minimal impact on the environment. The firm’s technology produces protein content that exceeds 50 per cent by weight of the biomass, which is a significant achievement within the industry and academia – 48 per cent is the current record achieved by researchers at the University of Tsukuba.

The Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) under the Enterprise Support Scheme (ESS) has validated the firm’s promising work by awarding funding for further research. As much as HK$2 million will be jointly invested by the firm and the fund to scale up this unique microalgae cultivation process.

The research into microalgae for nutritional ingredients is on a fast track. The funding will place Hong Kong among the world›s leading destinations for research into producing high-quality plant-based protein from microalgae that can replace animal protein.

Dao Foods International, Inc., an impact investment firm, have also invested in Geb Impact. The partnership focuses on bringing this advanced, sustainable technology to market, with a longer-term view to create delectable plant-based, protein-rich food for the rapidly growing vegan and vegetarian consumer base in the China market.

Nature’s Tiny Powerhouses

Microalgae single-cell organisms are protein-dense, could replace meat, and were consumed by the Aztecs and their Mesoamerican neighbours as a nutritional supplement. There are as many as 1 million different species living in fresh and saltwater, pumping out about half of all the oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere. Some species are stocked with protein, antioxidants, and beneficial dietary supplements, such as vitamins and minerals.

Geb Impact’s proprietary microalgae cultivation process has a direct and positive environmental impact. The sustainable process uses less water, less energy, can be used to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, has a low carbon footprint, is highly productive, and uses no harmful chemicals.

A diet rich in plant-based protein has major benefits that improve human nutrition and the planet’s health.

    • High nutritional value – an excellent source of more than 50 vitamins, minerals and all essential amino acids. For example, Euglena Gracillis is rich in high-quality dietary protein (including the nine essential amino acids), healthy lipids, vitamins, and carotenoids, with multiple health benefits.
    • Low-carbon cultivation – Farming microalgae doesn’t compete for natural resources or arable farmland. As these fast-growing microalgae grow through photosynthesis, they consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.
    • Fast-growing food – Farming microalgae can yield the equivalent of 30 to 50 metric ton per hectare, which is about 15-times more productive than soybeans.
    • Peerless organic nutrition – Protein derived from these microorganisms is 100 per cent natural, sustainable, chemical-free and organic, and without any major allergens, which makes it a superior product to wheat- or soy-based protein.

A Global Future

Geb Impact Technology is working to be a key player in the global plant-based protein industry through rapid technology development and aggressive marketing. The firm’s vision is to create a global community of consumers that can access affordable, healthy and sustainably produced food.

We are working towards that goal by collaborating on a brand of consumer products called Eiyoka Algae Foods. These proof-of-concept products are shrimp roe noodles that are designed to be nutrient-rich additives, high in protein, complex fatty acids, and antioxidants. [APBN]

Source: Geb Impact Technology Company Ltd