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HealthMatch Launches Free Global COVID-19 Clinical Trial Tracker

Australian-based HealthTech start-up specialising in clinical trial matching designs a publicly accessible tracker on the latest developments and progress in global COVID-19 clinical trials.

The tracker platform displays data in the form of graphs, news bulletins and interactive infographics. Based on the location where the trial is being conducted, the number of participants involved and when a potential treatment or vaccine might be found are also included. Information is dynamically sourced and updated from global clinical trial registries in real-time.

The HealthMatch tracker will provide researchers with a consolidated platform to efficiently be updated with new COVID-19 related clinical trials as they are launched or occur. Thus, saving time from sifting through endless amounts of data. Leveraging a range of innovative technology, the tracker also can assist in increase the speed at which clinical trials recruit participants. This is achievable by providing the public with easy access to ongoing COVID-19 global clinical trials.

“Clinical trials are an essential part of our ability to combat the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Manuri Gunawardena, CEO & Founder of HealthMatch. “We are seeing incredible international collaboration and focus on finding effective treatments for COVID-19 through research. Whilst there have been many potential treatments highlighted in the media already, trials are crucial to demonstrate that all approved treatments are both safe and effective for COVID-19.”

HealthMatch was launched in Hong Kong in June 2019, supported by Roche, a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics and an incubator in the healthcare industry.

Roche has since facilitated the development of HealthMatch in Hong Kong by sharing six protocols in different therapeutic areas including breast cancer, lung cancer, ophthalmology, flu and hepatocarcinoma, as well as sharing its established industry network and providing office space in Hong Kong. In less than a year’s time since its inception, several hundred patients have already signed up to use the platform in the city.

Daniel Thurley, General Manager of Roche Hong Kong, said, “With an abundance of COVID-19 information being disseminated, it’s important for researchers, healthcare practitioners and members of the public to have a trusted place to find accurate, up-to-date facts about clinical trials pursuing a treatment or vaccine for the disease. We’re proud to continue our support of HealthMatch in empowering more people to make an informed choice around joining the trial recruitment process, in line with our vision to provide better outcomes for more patients, faster.”

HealthMatch is also looking to further support COVID-19 treatment, vaccine and research efforts through the provision of free patient recruitment services to all organizations focusing on the pandemic.

Gunawardena added, “We are resolute in playing our part to contribute to the global effort against this pandemic, in line with our ongoing commitment to offer the clinical trial tracker as a free service for patients and non-industry-sponsored researchers. Medical research and

clinical trials have a key role to play in our ability to find new medicines for conditions which don’t yet have treatments. As we progress in clinical trials for COVID-19 and long after, we will continue to support our patients, doctors and scientists to get new medicines to those who need them most.” [APBN]