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Gilead Sciences Launches Asia Pacific Rainbow Grant 2021

The grant program invites applications from HIV-focused community-based organizations in the Asia Pacific region for funding of innovation projects.

Research-based biopharmaceutical company, Gilead Sciences, Inc., announced in March 2021 the launch of its Asia Pacific Rainbow Grant program. This initiative supports community-led programs for people living with HIV in the Asia Pacific region. Starting from 29 March 2021, non-governmental or advocacy organizations are invited to submit their applications for funding through the website, www.gileadrainbowgrant.com. Submission deadline ends on 30 June 2021.

This year’s Asia Pacific Rainbow Grant follows the theme of “Building Back Better to End HIV”. The grant seeks to address unmet needs in HIV care to improve the quality of life for those who are living with, or at risk of the condition by focusing on these three priority areas: Innovation in Healthcare Service Provision; Reducing Health Disparities; and Research for Impact.

HIV remains one of the world’s major public health challenges. According to the latest World AIDS Day report, 1.7 million people were newly infected with HIV in 2019 and 690,000 people died from HIV-related causes. In Asia, the impact of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the delivery of HIV healthcare services, according to a recent pulse survey conducted by Gilead. Disruption to services has impacted HIV testing amongst individuals who are at high risk for HIV as well as access to anti-HIV medications.

For this year, Gilead has expanded the grant program to a total of 23 countries or territories in the region. To date, the grant has awarded nearly USD 3 million to organizations across Asia Pacific. Together with 54 community organizations, the Gilead Asia Pacific Rainbow Grant has been able to reach, provide education or direct services, to more than 258,000 people through more than 60 projects.

“We are inspired by the continued work of our partners and the impactful things that they have accomplished within their communities despite the challenging circumstances posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to empowering organizations and innovative projects that will enable people living with HIV have access to a better quality of life,” said Alex Kalomparis, Vice President of Public Affairs, International, Gilead Sciences. [APBN]