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Gene Solutions Makes Earlier Detection of Cancer a Possibility of the Future

This technology is expected to reshape the landscape of early cancer screening, making it more affordable and accessible for the mass population.

Globally, cancer causes one in six deaths with more than 21 million people developing annually. 70 per cent of cancers in patients are detected at late stages in which treatments are ineffective while earlier detection dramatically improves the cancer survival rate up to 90-95 per cent as compared to 5-20 per cent at late stages. In Southeast Asia, 1.7 million new cancer cases are reported every year, and the prevalence of cancer mortality is expected to be up to 45 per cent higher in 2030 (WHO). And as cancer is often detected in its later stages, treatment is tricky and the financial burden on the patient, health system, and society is a big one. These consequences are alarming and drive the need for earlier diagnosis, granting patients a bigger chance at life and that of better quality.


Early Cancer Detection With Liquid Biopsy

Cancer is a disease driven by mutations and identifying those mutations can help doctors decide the best treatments for their patients. However, current cancer screenings have several limitations such as single-type screening, radiation exposure, invasive procedures, and a high false-positive rate causing anxiety and unnecessary diagnosis.

Liquid biopsy is a blood test, and it aims to detect early cancer cells that may be circulating in the bloodstream known as the genetic footprint of cancer: circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA). SPOT-MAS (Screening for the Presence Of Tumor by Methylation And Size), developed by Gene Solutions -Vietnam, is a liquid biopsy technology that analyses the multi-features of ctDNA in a single blood draw while utilising machine learning algorithms to optimise test accuracy.


A Unique and Affordable Liquid Biopsy Technology From Gene Solutions

With a higher performance rateof detecting rare ctDNA and lower costs compared to market standards, SPOT-MAS initiates affordable liquid-biopsy Point-Of-Care (POC) for cancer management in developing countries where 75 per cent of global cancer deaths, proved byresearchers, occur.

SPOT-MAS liquid biopsy technology using ctDNA of tumour released into the bloodstream for earlier cancer detection is a breakthrough innovation due to its simple approach through a blood draw, multi-cancer detection, and high accuracy.

“It took us more than three years to develop SPOT-MAS technology, a unique and affordable liquid biopsy developed from more than 1,600 case-control cohort and a big genomic database of more than 20,000 cancer patients. With this technology, we have an ambitious mission to enable routine cancer screenings for every person, thus changing the standard of cancer care,”says Dr. Hoai-Nghia Nguyen, Founder and CEO of Gene Solutions.

Gene Solutions has an excellent tracking record ofscientific publicationsin the field of cancer liquid biopsy. SPOT-MAS Technology is poised to reshape the landscape of early cancer screening, making it more affordable and accessible for the mass population as itreduces treatment complexity, fatality rates, cost of patient medical care, and the burden placed on the healthcare sector. [APBN]

Source: Gene Solutions