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G-NiiB Launches the World’s First Gut Microbiome Formula With Clinical Benefits Against Novel Viruses in Singapore

Based on over a decade of evidence-based research and powered by AI technology, G-NiiB Immunity+ caters especially to Asian body constitutions.

GenieBiome (G-NiiB), a biotechnology spin-off of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), announces the launch of G-NiiB Immunity+ in Singapore. This novel microbiome formula (SIM01) contains a unique combination of beneficial bacteria clinically proven to promote recovery in patients with novel virus infections by hastening antibody formation and reducing blood pro-inflammatory markers. Backed by over a decade of scientific research and powered by AI technology, the unique microbiome immunity formula is tailored for Asian body constitutions to restore the gut’s microbiota, which is key to regulating immune systems against infections.

70 per cent of the immune system is located in the gut. And those who suffer from gut microbiota imbalance, known as gut dysbiosis, have been shown to be more susceptible to novel viral infections and complications. In fact, a recent landmark study of 1,000 healthy adults in Hong Kong by CUHK revealed that nearly 40 per cent suffer from major gut dysbiosis, signalling impaired immunity comparable to COVID-19 infected patients.

“Good bacteria is essential for a balanced gut microbiota as it colonises the human gut so that unhealthy bacteria does not have space to grow. Combining big data with proprietary AI technology, we are able to select ideal naturally occurring live bacteria. Using patented microencapsulated technology to freeze-dry and enhance live bacterial survival, our formula ensures the best ratio of live good bacteria and prebiotics for a balanced gut microbiota,’’ said Professor Francis KL CHAN, Dean of Medicine and Director of the Centre for Gut Microbiota Research at CUHK.

A clinical study by CUHK involving 55 COVID-19 patients revealed that 100 per cent of novel virus patients who received the microbiome immunity formula had complete symptom resolution, reduced proinflammatory markers, increased favourable gut bacteria and neutralising antibodies, compared to 52 per cent of patients who did not have the formula.

In addition to combating gut dysbiosis and speeding up the recovery of COVID-19 patients, G-NiiB Immunity+ is also rich in “bifidobacterium adolescentis”, which is not common in many health products. Bifidobacterium adolescentis, a probiotic bacteria in our gut, is a major contributing factor in the maintenance of microbial balance, and the strengthening of gut barrier integrity. A joint study conducted by CUHK and LKS Faculty of Medicine at The University of Hong Kong in 2021 found a close correlation between low antibody response from COVID-19 vaccines like SinoVac, to the lack of bifidobacterium adolescentis.

“Based on a study of over 2,000 healthy individuals in Hong Kong, 85 per cent of them lack bifidobacterium adolescentis in their bodies. Our findings have shown that people who lack this unique bacterium generally had a lower antibody response to COVID-19 vaccines like SinoVac. This new discovery is consistent with our earlier clinical findings that a microbiota-based formula (SIM01) developed by CUHK containing bifidobacterium adolescentis demonstrated enhancements in antibody response among COVID-19 patients. This discovery definitely offers a novel approach to optimising vaccine efficacy and safety through the modulation of gut microbiota,” said Professor Francis KL CHAN.

G-NiiB is well-established in Hong Kong, with G-NiiB’s Immunity+ formula being enlisted in over 250 private clinics and 70 per cent of the private hospitals in Hong Kong.

Available in compact sachets for daily use, G-NiiB’s Immunity+ is best consumed with yogurts, juice, cereal and room-temperature beverages, and can be taken as a daily supplement to improve gut health and boost overall immunity.

Priced at S$89 per box (28 sachets), G-NiiB Immunity+ will be available in selected Guardian and Watsons outlets islandwide from 17 March. [APBN]

Source: GenieBiome (G-NiiB)