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First Asian Scientist to Be Awarded the IBRO-Kemali Prize: Dr Hu Hailan

The IBRO-Kemali Foundation Prize Committee announced that the Twelfth IBRO-Kemali International Prize for Research in the field of Basic and Clinical Neurosciences has been awarded to Dr. Hu Hailan, Professor at the Center for Neuroscience, School of Medicine, Zheijiang University, in Hangzhou, China.

The Committee selected Dr. Hu “in recognition of her impressive work on the fundamental neurobiological mechanisms of emotional and affective behaviors based on very advanced, state-of-the-art methodologies, which she contributed to develop. Overall, she has an outstanding productivity and a well-established, high profile in systems neuroscience, a rapidly expanding and very competitive field.”

This is the first time that the IBRO-Kemali Prize has been awarded to a scientist outside of Europe and North America since it was established in 1998. Dr. Hu joins an exceptional group of past awardees that includes Tamas Freund (1998), Robert C. Malenka (2000), Daniele Piomelli (2002), Cornelia I. Bargmann (2004), Patrik Ernfors (2006), Massimo Scanziani (2008), Jonas K. Frisén (2010), Eleanor Maguire (2012), Patrik Verstreken (2014), Casper Hoogenraad (2016) and Guillermina López-Bendito (2018).

Dr. Hu will be awarded the prize and its award of 25,000 Euros by the IBRO President at the next FENS Forum taking place in Glasgow, Scotland (11-14 July 2020). She will also give the Forum’s IBRO-Kemali special lecture, “From Pecking Order to Ketamine – Neural mechanisms of social and emotional behaviors.”

She will be presenting a Keynote Lecture at the 2019 IBRO World Congress in Daegu, South Korea, as well.

The IBRO-Kemali Prize Committee congratulates Dr. Hu on her outstanding scientific achievements and hopes that this recognition will help advance her future research. [APBN]

Source: IBRO