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First Amgen Scholars Asia Symposium in Singapore Held by Amgen Foundation

The symposium will bring together undergraduate students, industry and academic leaders as wells as Amgen senior executives for exchange of experiences and expertise.

Amgen’s philanthropy arm, The Amgen Foundation, held its first Amgen Scholars Asia Symposium in Singapore from August 3 – 4, 2019. Hosted by the foundation in collaboration with the National University of Singapore (NUS), the symposium will bring together more than 60 Amgen Scholars across Asia. Speakers at the symposium include experts from Kyoto University, NUS, Tsinghua University, the University of Tokyo, and senior executive leaders from Amgen Inc.

The two-day symposium is the signature component of the Amgen Foundation’s flagship Amgen Scholars Program, which is a hands-on research program that allows undergraduates to spend a summer at one of the world’s premier research institutions. Scholars will get to explore areas of research beyond their undergraduate course of study, mentored by a faculty member. This experiential training culminates at the symposium where scholars will get to gain insight to biotechnology and scientific careers. It will provide them the opportunity to network with their peers and have first-hand knowledge from leading industry and academic scientists.

Emily Razaqi, Vice President, Site Operations at Amgen Singapore Manufacturing said, “Many of the most disruptive changes and greatest advances are taking place in the life science sector. With the Asia-Pacific region undergoing profound and rapid population changes, these communities are ageing at an unprecedented pace. More than ever before, we need to prepare and inspire the next generation of scientists to ensure the future of innovative discoveries. We are pleased that the Amgen Foundation is partnering with NUS to advance excellence in science education and believe the Amgen Scholars Program will empower aspiring scientists in Singapore and across Asia to connect the dots between genetics and innovative treatments. This program leads the way for Amgen Scholars to learn about many different scientific career paths, ultimately contributing to the sustainability and growth of the healthcare and biomedical sectors in Singapore and the region.”

Associate Professor Henry Mok, Deputy Head, Department of Biological Sciences at the NUS faculty of Science said, “We are thrilled to partner with Amgen to host the first ever Amgen Scholars Symposium in Asia at NUS. As one of the top universities in the region, we believe in equipping out students with the skills they need to be future- ready graduates. Our continued partnership with the Amgen Foundation symbolizes this commitment, and we look forward to many more years of collaboration.”

Since 2014, the Amgen Scholars Program invited undergraduate students from Singapore to participate in an eight-week research program hosted by universities in Japan. In November 2018, the Amgen Scholars Program in Asia expanded its reach to include NUS as well as Tsinghua University as host institutions. Investing in a total of US$21 million for four years, this program aims to engage undergraduates in Singapore, as well as East and Southeast Asia through research opportunities to nurture a pipeline of talent for a sustainable and future-ready workforce. [APBN]