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Entity Health Launches New Supplement Targeted as a Defence Against Progression to Type 2 Diabetes

Australian specialty nutraceutical company announced in July 2019 the launch of MomoriX™, a unique and natural health supplement designed to support normal blood glucose levels.

In Singapore, the number of people with diabetes is expected to rise from 440, 000 in 2014 to one million by 2050, with projected healthcare costs form diabetes expected to rise beyond SGD 940 million in 2014 to SGD 1.8 billion in 2050. Around one in seven people in Singapore has pre-diabetes. Without intervention, at least 35 percent of those with pre-diabetes will progress to Type 2 diabetes within eight years.

In response to this major public health issue, the Diabetes Prevention and Care Taskforce was formed in 2016 by the Ministry of Health and the Health Promotion Board with a key strategic shift toward prevention, early detection and intervention during the pre-diabetes stage. Singaporeans are encouraged to screen for pre-diabetes as this is a warning sign for diabetes.

Those with pre-diabetes have a higher blood sugar level than normal and are unable to process sugar (glucose) properly. As a result, sugar accumulates in the bloodstream instead of doing its normal job of fuelling the cells that make up muscles and other tissues.

Entity Health’s MomoriX™ is a natural supplement that can be used by people who are concerned about their blood sugar levels and is able to be taken as part of the defence against pre-diabetes progressing into Type 2 diabetes. Together with a strategy of maintaining a healthy weight, adopting a healthy diet and regular physical activity, people with pre-diabetes can reduce their risk of developing diabetes.

Ms Eva Tan, Director of Entity said, “We have seen great interest from people who are keen to incorporate natural supplements to their lives to address specific conditions. More people are shifting from a treatment mindset to one which promotes prevention. MomoriX™ is an example of a gentle yet scientifically-backed approach, which can supplement traditional advice of healthy diet and lifestyle changes, to successfully combat a serious disease.”

MomoriX™ is formulated with natural plant-based active ingredients, Momordica, Gymnema, and a patented form of curcumin, CursolTM. Both Momordica and Gymnema are indigenous medicinal plants to Asia, South America, India, and East Africa. They are traditionally used in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Clinical studies have shown that these ingredients promote a hypoglycaemic effect through the uptake of glucose from the bloodstream, thereby enabling improved glucose control. While both ingredients harness the ability to stimulate insulin release, Gymnema has also been found to promote the regeneration of pancreatic islet cells, leading to improved insulin secretion.

Curcumin, the major constituent of turmeric, possesses strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have also shown that Curcumin reduces post-meal glycaemic response and insulin demand in healthy individuals. Cursol™, used in MomoriX™, is highly soluble and bioavailable compared to other forms of curcumin. [APBN]