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Enhancing Supply of Disposable Medical Masks

Mohar Shipping Corporation and DIP Investments announced the launch of Mohar Medical, a Singapore-based medical equipment brand producing disposable medical masks to meet surging demand in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mohar Medical’s manufacturing plant was initiated in January 2020 by parent company DIP Investments – the sister company of Mohar Shipping Corporation Pte Ltd, set up to seed new ventures across diverse industries and geographies. Beyond real estate investments in Singapore, additional ventures include an equity stake in a Sri Lankan hospitality trust and renewable energy projects in Sri Lanka and Sub Saharan Africa.

Investment in machinery and a manufacturing facility located in Singapore enables Mohar Medical to localise the entirety of the supply chain, mobilising masks within Singapore rapidly without concerns over air freight, logistic hurdles or compromises in quality. As a result, Mohar Medical has also contributed to growing Singapore’s capabilities in production of critical medical products, including personal protective equipment.

The 3-ply disposable medical masks have undergone extensive testing at Nelson Lab, USA, and have achieved excellent test results averaging 99.74 percent for BFE tests evaluating the filtration efficiency of articles.

Up to 2 million masks can be produced every month at Mohar Medical’s manufacturing plant in Singapore, enabling the company to meet both local and export needs. As production continues to scale upwards, purchase enquiries for the month of July 2020 have totalled 6 million masks from overseas buyers, including the United States and United Kingdom. Mohar Medical will also be able to cater to an anticipated rise in export orders from the United States, for ASTM Level 3 masks utilised by the medical community.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has seen home-grown businesses such as ours pivoting to help identify and alleviate critical gaps. Mohar Medical’s launch marks a venture into new industries to meet rising demand for personal protective equipment in the face of COVID-19,” said Jaslyn Kaur, Managing Director, Mohar Medical.

“In keeping our supply chain completely local, we are able to uphold stringent quality and logistics standards crucial to the production of medical equipment. The continued development and diversification of capabilities is also core to building our reputation as a key distributor of high-quality medical equipment across Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States.”

As production and demand continue to scale upward, Mohar Medical plans to diversify sales channels. In August 2020, Mohar Medical’s e-commerce website will launch, enabling the sale of medical masks directly to retail customers around the world, supported by global product shipping capabilities.

To give back to the local community, Mohar Medical recently partnered with the Young Sikh Association to donate 2,500 Mohar Medical masks to the Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home in Singapore, for use by staff and residents. The Home had been impacted by an outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020, with cases emerging among elderly residents – resulting in an urgent and increased need for personal protective equipment. Mohar Medical intends to continue community outreach in Singapore regularly. [APBN]