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Dymax Releases First-Of-Kind Adhesives for Medical Wearables Assembly

The adhesive is formulated without IBOA and TPO, addressing skin sensitivity issues and materials of concern.

Dymax, a leading global manufacturer of rapid-curing materials and equipment, introduces the 2000-MW series of light-curable adhesives specifically developed to address customer requirements and market trends within the rapidly evolving medical device wearables market.

This new range of structural medical adhesives is the first-of-kind to pass ISO 10993-10 for sensitisation and irritation. Free from TPO, a material of concern, and made without IBOA, a known skin irritant, these adhesives address device manufacturers’ concerns about skin proximity and sensitivity.

Designed for bonding SS, PC, PI, PVC, TPU, and low-surface-energy substrates, the adhesives are also engineered for reliability with excellent adhesion and ageing performance. The 2000-MW series cures with broad-spectrum light energy and some products provide durable protection during autoclave sterilisation.

“Staying true to our core values while addressing the evolving needs of our customers, Dymax continues develop innovative light-curable adhesives. Removing materials of concern with the introduction of the 2000-MW series of products is our first step toward the elimination of problematic ingredients,” said Mike Ford, Global Business Development Director, Medical for Dymax.

These adhesives are environmentally friendly, one-part formulations, solvent-free, and meet ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity biocompatibility requirements. Typical applications include devices worn in close proximity to the skin such as continuous glucose monitors, large volume injectors, patient monitoring devices, and pain management devices. Fluorescing grades are available for high-speed automated vision systems used for quality control purposes. [APBN]

Source: Dymax