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DocDoc Partners with Kaitaiming Technology to Bring Doctor Discovery Services to China

The patient intelligence company, DocDoc is now appointed as an exclusive partner of Kaitaiming Technology for pan-Asian doctor discovery services.

DocDoc will be the exclusive supplier of doctor discovery services to Kaitaiming (KTM) and its affiliates for doctors in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Through this partnership, KTM will offer DocDoc’s doctor discovery services and provide access to high quality affordable care in the region to the majority of China’s insured population.

Under the agreement KTM, which operates the world’s leading insurance risk control platform for insurers will integrate DocDoc’s doctor discovery service into their insurance agent application. The application empowers agents to expand their customer base as well as improve engagement with existing customers.

Through this partnership, policyholders of KTM’s insurance partners will gain access to a medically trained concierge team which leverages DocDoc’s AI-powered doctor discovery platform, HOPE (Heuristic for Outcome, Price and Experience), to match policyholders to the right doctors.

HOPE processes information collected by DocDoc on each doctor’s practice patterns at a procedure and condition level of granularity and uses predictive analytics to find a best match between a doctor’s expertise and the policyholder’s unique needs. In doing so, HOPE vastly improves the policyholders’ healthcare journey, significantly reduces medical care costs, medical complications as well as re-admission rates.

Cole Sirucek, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of DocDoc, commented that, “China is the world’s most exciting insurance market. KTM is China’s leading insurance technology company with an exceptional track record of serving the country’s largest insurance companies.”

“DocDoc’s AI-powered doctor discovery service is ideally suited to serve China’s massive unmet need for consumers looking for high quality affordable care. This partnership has the potential to impact the entire ecosystem. We are delighted to be partnering with KTM to be its exclusive doctor discovery service provider in Asia and to improving the delivery of care for policyholders throughout China.” He added.

Wang Hui, Founder and Chairman of Kaitaiming, said, “COVID-19 has highlighted to us the importance of having the right support system in place so policyholders can find the right care wherever they are, and whenever they need it.”

Wang Hui explained that with its healthcare network spanning over 23,000 doctors across Asia and a unique approach to identifying the right care for each policyholder, DocDoc stood out as the partner of choice to us for doctor discovery services.

KTM has been a leading insurance risk control company in China. It has partnerships with the country’s top insurance companies and provides a platform for individual insurance agents, which offers additional functionality and value-added services. Wang Hui highlighted that by integrating DocDoc’s doctor discovery solutions into KTM’s platform, the agents it serves are equipped with an important tool to meet their policyholders’ needs. Prior to this partnership, traditional medical services couldn’t meet many customer demands.

“But with this collaboration between us and DocDoc, we are embracing a new approach with ample opportunities. We certainly believe that through this partnership, we will open up new prospects together and advance in our respective fields!” exclaimed Wang Hui. [APBN]