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Disease and Its Genetic Secrets

Editor’s Letter

Since the discovery of genes and its links to our phenotypical traits, research has advanced to develop technologies and tools to allow for detection and identification of genes that are associated with certain disease characteristics that could potentially assist in treatment. For the month of March 2021, APBN takes a look at these aspects in our features section. We explore the potential use of loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay (LAMP) in molecular diagnostics in an article written by Mark Carascal, a scientist, science illustrator, and science communicator advocate. (p. 24) Also in the Features section, we look at the rising prevalence of genetic disorders as well as gene editing technologies across the world in an article contribution by Saloni Walimbe. (p.30)

In our Columns section, we evaluate the sufficiency and feasibility of current policies in protecting patient health data and how there is room for improvement. (p. 14) Also in the Columns section, gain insight to how to improve healthcare access in a sustainable way in Thailand through closer collaboration between organizations from an article contribution by Joseph Saba, Co-Founder and CEO of Axios International. (p. 20)

The Spotlights section for this month sheds light on a variety of topics, first we look at liquid biopsies as a cancer diagnostic tool in ensuring proper treatment in an interview with Dr Steven Olsen, CMO at Guardant Health AMEA. (p. 34) In another interview with Dr Agnes Siew Ling Tey, Senior Clinical Scientist, Nutrition R&D Centre for Asia Pacific, Abbott on the recent Phase Two findings from the SHIELD study on nutrition in the elderly. (p. 38) Finally, we share highlights from the ISPE Singapore Conference and Exhibition held in November 2020. (p. 44)

Deborah Emmanuel Seah Qing En