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Digital Healthcare Company Concludes Initial Round of Training for Licensed Doctors to Practice Telemedicine in Southeast Asia

MyDoc has trained over 30 doctors under the MyDoc Way programme aimed to make digital health processes safer for patients.

First conceptualized in 2014, Dr. Vas Metupalle, Chief Information Officer and co-Founder of MyDoc, developed a telemedicine training programme which has since seen significant traction in Singapore, and is currently being implemented across Southeast Asia.

This programme was created to address shortcomings in current telehealth guidelines across Asia where in countries such as Singapore only detailed best practices in relation to online behaviour, use of technology, data security, network stability, and hardware.

Drawing from the American Telehealth Guidelines, in combination with Singapore’s ethical best practices, Dr. Metupalle created a set of guidelines that has now evolved into an internal certification process for clinicians practicing on MyDoc platform.

Since its conception, the programme has today certified over 30 clinicians. Through the programme, MyDoc’s clinical operations team provide clinicians with product training, as well as support and feedback using case studies and mock consultations, to help develop a clinician’s skills when providing services online.

Dr. Vas Metupalle said, “The whole purpose was to make digital healthcare safe. Even with MyDoc Way, the learning curve is still there, and will continue to be there. This programme is a dynamic process and has to be continually refined based on new standards and scenarios, to ensure that doctors are providing healthcare services in a safe and effective manner.”

Moving forward, the company is looking to expand the training materials to include validated programmes such as that of the Royal College of General Practitioners in the UK. Recently, the company has also entered into a partnership with UK telehealth provider Synergix, who will also be providing additional support for developing the training materials and specific care pathways for online to clinic-based referrals.

MyDoc is currently curating all the guidelines and educational materials into a comprehensive online curriculum that can be accessed by any eligible doctors through a learning management system. The online course will act as a supporting tool on top of practical sessions that will continue to be carried out by trainers, before a clinician can obtain the certification. [APBN]