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Dermatology Centre in Shanghai to Pursue Research in Biologicals

A new hospital in New Hongqiao International Medical centre has become a centre for trials of healthcare reform, which encourages doctors to work in different medical facilities and introduce new drugs, not yet approved on the mainland, for clinical trials.

Henuo Medical centre is a high-end state-owned hospital, with different doctor’s groups running different departments. Leading medical specialists are available at the centre through reservation.

New models, technology, trials and practices are the objective of the centre.

A new department, the Henuo Dermatology centre, opened in late October with a specialist psoriasis centre with the most comprehensive storage of biologicals for psoriasis. Those not approved by the national authority but marketed in the West are available at the centre for clinical trial and pre-market research.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that causes cells to develop rapidly on the skin, leading to thick, scaly plaques that may itch or cause discomfort.

“There are 8 million people with psoriasis in China. Proper and regular diagnosis and treatment are important,” said Dr Zheng Zhizhong, a leading dermatologist. “Biologicals are an effective therapy, especially for those with serious conditions. But China lags behind in research.”

“We are eager to use Henuo as a platform to speed up introduction of imported biologicals and development of China’s own biologicals,” he said. [APBN]

Source: shine.com