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Denodo Provides Data Virtualization to Consolidate COVID-19 Data

Coronavirus Data Portal developed by Denodo provides open-source, collaborative, and combined COVID-19 pandemic data in a bid to find solutions against the novel disease.

During the early onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, Denodo developed the Coronavirus Data Portal to combine and unify novel coronavirus related intelligence and make it available to data consumers such as data scientists, analysts, and researchers, or anyone who are leveraging on the information to find solutions to combat the global pandemic.

The portal is an open-source, cooperative effort that utilizes data virtualization to unity critical datasets that were originally provided in many different formats. It was formed in to enable organizations and institutions to share their individual datasets for integration and sharing to the broader community. On top of that users of the portal are able to curate these available datasets to gather information to suit individual COVID-19 initiatives. As of mid-September 2020, there are 64 sources, 220 datasets, and 441 views offered on the Coronavirus Data Portal.

Mahendra Parasmal, Sr. Information Architect at Spectrum Health, shared that, “Denodo provides us with the ability to connect self-purported health data provided by employees via an online survey with employee demographics, employee hierarchy, badge system and Active Directory data virtually. This delivers wellness information in near real-time without having to Extract, Transform & Load the data physically from source systems or run batch incremental loads. As a result, we have been able to speed up our overall build time by at least three times and deliver the end result in weeks instead of months.”

“I can personally attest to how our company was able to leverage Denodo’s Coronavirus Data Portal having developed a COVID-19 virtual hub that provides reports based on data science and pmOne Share,” said Dr. Norman Bernhardt, Head of Digital Solutions R&D, pmOne. “pmOne Share Cockpit aggregates existing and established reporting solutions and provides advanced filtering capabilities, which data scientists can use to develop algorithms to analyze global news flows, the results of which are displayed in a dashboard.”

Denodo’s portal is currently being used to search from a catalogue of curated datasets, enhance smart visualizations with customizable reports of integrated data, access curated datasets in a variety of views, and also create new datasets.

“While our data stewards and data engineers have been working away behind the scenes to add more data sets to the Coronavirus Data Portal, we have also been getting some great suggestions from the user community. Based on suggestions, we’ve added COVID-19 forecast data, real-time information about how many are infected and where, school closures, global news as they are published, and much more,” said Angel Viña, CEO and Founder at Denodo.

“Contributing data sets – either through suggestions or by creating derived data sets – will continue the growth of the Coronavirus Data Portal and enhance the value that fellow users are getting from using the data. This continued growth will provide more varied and richer data for all of us to use and share in our efforts to combat this deadly pandemic.” [APBN]