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Dedicated Web Series Created to Shed Light on Global Challenges and Opportunities in Healthcare Community

The web series debuted on 15 September 2020, called “Future Now” explored the game-changing solutions and innovations that can lend a hand to building a better future in medical care.

Organised by SingEx, the series is a continuation of the healthcare community’s engagement and learning journey on Asia-Pacific premier healthcare platform CAREhab.

With the tagline: “Rethinking healthcare with innovation”, the series featured a mix of speaking sessions, panel discussions and breakout meetings, providing industry and medical professionals creative exploration to future-proofing healthcare. Each monthly edition of CAREhab’s Future Now series will feature a panel of leading industry experts from across the care continuum, delving deep into the potential impact that evolving healthcare practices and systems bring, and what that would mean for medical professionals around the world. The community will also have the opportunity to determine upcoming topics and speakers.

James Boey, Executive Director, SingEx Exhibitions, said: “Today’s demands on the world’s healthcare system and community makes collaboration, networking and learning opportunities even more important to solving immediate and longer-term challenges. In today’s low-touch world, CAREhab’s new Future Now series was created with the intent to build high-touch engagement with the healthcare community in a continuous manner, and we hope that it is the start of new potential partnerships and ideas.”

The debut instalment of CAREhab’s Future Now web engagement series took place one Tuesday, 15 September 2020 at 5pm SGT. Titled “Fostering the New Global Medicine & Medical Engineering Ecosystem – Empowered by Russian Innovations”, the session, held in partnership with Russia Singapore Business Council (RSBC), highlighted the importance of global collaboration in elevating standards in medicine and medical engineering, especially in the climate we live in today. Among the speakers and guests were Dr Sergey Pronin, Deputy Chairman and Executive Director, RSBC and Dr Sergey Chaplygin, Director, Institute of Innovative Development, Samara State Medical University.

The speaking and panel sessions are also available post-event on CAREhab GO, a digital audience engagement platform designed exclusively with the needs of the healthcare community in mind.

Due to the Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19) pandemic, annual healthcare conference and exhibition CAREhab took place live virtually on the CAREhab GO platform on 17-18 July 2020, with speaking sessions and connecting and collaboration opportunities now still available on the platform for busy delegates to view and access in their own time. To date, the platform has over 1,200 registered users comprising industry and medical professionals from more than 30 global healthcare communities, and has enjoyed an impressive number of over 27,000 views on its video-on-demand library. [APBN]