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Cybersecurity Company Threat Report Details Cyberattacks Targeting the Healthcare Industry

Report highlights input from 20 leading healthcare Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) who offer their perspective on evolving cyberattacks, ransomware and the biggest concerns to their organizations.

Carbon Black, a leader in cloud endpoint protection, released a seminal report in June 2019 on the state of cybersecurity in the healthcare industry. The report, Healthcare Cyber Heist 2019, features direct input from 20 industry leading CISOs to determine how attackers have evolved over the past year.

“The potential, real-world effect cyberattacks can have on healthcare organizations and patients is substantial,” said Rick McElroy, Carbon Black’s Head of Security Strategy and one of the report’s authors. “Cyber attackers have the ability to access, steal and sell patient information on the dark web. Beyond that, they can shut down a hospital’s access to critical systems and patient records, making effective patient care virtually impossible.”

Among the key findings from the report, 83 per cent of surveyed healthcare organizations said they have seen an increase in cyberattacks over the past year. Nearly half (45%) of surveyed healthcare organizations said they have encountered attacks where the primary motivation was destruction of data over the past year. Almost two – thirds of those surveyed said their organization was targeted by ransomware attacks.

The report also included research detailing healthcare – related offerings on the dark web including hacker provider data, as well as specific security recommendations for healthcare CISOs. [APBN]