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Got a story you would like to pitch? Keen on writing freelance and have a passion for communicating cutting-edge science and technology? Write to us today for full editorial guidelines and editorial calendar at [email protected]

Please note that APBN editors reserve the right to reject publication of the article based on factors including but not limited to relevance, the calibre of writing, as well as credibility of information in the article.

We do not accept articles that are advertisements, content marketing, or promotional of any product or service. However, if you wish to showcase your company or product, it can be published as an advertorial that is chargeable. Please contact [email protected] for the various prices.

Disclaimer: APBN and its editors or writers are not responsible and are not liable for any damages or consequences from any treatment, action, application or preparation, to any person reading or following the information in this magazine. Please consult with your physician or healthcare specialist regarding the suggestions and recommendations made in this magazine.


Editorial Process

After submission of the article, APBN editors will edit the article to suit the tone and style of the publication. The layout and design of the article will be done by the APBN design team to prepare for the print and online copies. Design of the articles are laid out based on the topic of the article.

APBN will provide a draft for verification before publication. Any edits to the contents will have to be made before the final week of the previous month of publication.

Each issue will be available online at our website (www.asiabiotech.com) within the first week of the publication month and the print copy will be ready by the second week of the publication month.


After Publication

  1. You will be contacted by our editor when your article is published, kindly provide us with an address and the number of complimentary copies you would like to receive.
    [Do note that we can only provide up to 5 complimentary copies, more copies can be provided upon purchase.]
  2. Authors may promote their published articles on their social media, please notify the APBN editor should you like to publish the article on your institution’s or company’s website after publication on APBN.
  3. As a token of appreciation for your contribution, you may choose one complimentary book title from World Scientific Publishing catalogue (https://www.worldscientific.com).


Copyright and Permission

Authors/organisations agree to submit only original articles and give permission for the articles to be placed on APBN (www.asiabiotech.com).

Authors should obtain written permission for use of any literary or illustration material for which rights are held by others.

Copyrights for published articles will be vested in World Scientific Publishing Company (WSPC) but an author may make an article published by APBN available on a personal home page provided the source of the published article is cited and WSPC/APBN is mentioned as copyright holder. Authors are requested to create a link to the published article in APBN’s web site.

For more information, contact our editor: [email protected].