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China to Amend Healthcare Laws

The law is in urgent need of revision after more than two decades.

China plans to amend laws on doctors to better regulate the country’s expanding medical personnel and adapt to changes in its healthcare sector, said Ma Xiaowei, head of the National Health Commission.

The laws on medical doctors, approved by the top legislature in June 1998, lay out entry requirements, practice rules, and appraisal and training systems for Chinese medical practitioners.

However, after more than two decades, the law is in urgent need of revision as China’s healthcare sector and medical product industry have improved, presenting new issues to be addressed.

Medical professionals in China are typically concentrated in large hospitals in urban areas, while community clinics and medical institutions in rural regions draw from a smaller pool of medical personnel.

It is therefore imperative to develop the management and working systems for medical practitioners in China.

Ma said the commission will cooperate with the top legislature to amend clauses that are incompatible with current demands or contradict other regulations, and incorporate new items that have proved to be effective measures.

Core issues to be studied will include medical education, qualification and training of medical personnel, fostering rural doctors, and protecting the rights of doctors and patients. [APBN]

Source: China Daily