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China Launches Project on Lung Cancer Gene Atlas

China has launched a project on lung cancer gene atlas to facilitate the research and treatment of lung cancer, according to the China Science Daily.

The project, part of the Cancer Gene Atlas of China program, is coordinated by the National Human Genetic Resources Centre, hospitals and high-tech enterprises. It will adopt a multi-centred approach to recruit 2,500 lung cancer patients nationwide, aiming to map the genes related to lung cancer in China and provide a scientific reference for the standardized detection and analysis process.

The project will help identify the potential therapeutic target in lung cancer, improve immunotherapy efficacy and find prognosis markers, the report cited Zhi Xiuyi, the project leader as saying.

The combination of big data of cancer genes and clinical diagnoses will support precision treatment of cancer, said Lyu Youyong, a professor from Peking University Cancer Hospital. [APBN]

Source: Xinhua