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Azelis India Acquires S. Zhaveri Pharmakem, Increasing Market Presence

Distributor of chemicals and food ingredients, Azelis, announced in February 2020 its 100 percent acquisition of distribution and indent business of S. Zhaveri Pharmakem, an Indian specialty distributor for the pharmaceutical industry.

Active since 2008, Azelis a distributor of specialty chemical and food ingredients to over 50 countries across the globe announced the acquisition of S. Zhaveri Pharmakem’s distribution business.

This will significantly increase Azelis’s presence in the Indian market and provide prominence in the fast-growing Indian pharmaceutical market. The acquisition paves a crucial step for Azelis’ pharmaceutical expansion in the region amid its strong growth trajectory.

S. Zhaveri Pharmakem was previously fully owned by the Javeri family, following this acquisition its employees within the distribution business will be part of Azelis. Upon closing the deal, Mrs Uma Javeri and Ms. Sonali Sheth will provide support the integration and lead the pharmaceutical business of Azelis in India.

”Becoming part of such a reputable and big international player will not only provide continuity and security of our distribution business, but also additional expertise, infrastructure and growth opportunities. All of those are very important to us and we are thrilled about the next phase in our company history. We have known Azelis for a while, we have a great respect for one another, our values and ethos are shared so we are convinced that this was the right move.” Shares Mrs. Uma Javeri. Managing Director, S. Zhaveri Pharmakem.

India is positioned as the third largest pharmaceutical industry in the world by drug volume and one of the faster growing pharma markets, there is strong growth potential. These are attributed to its chemical synthesis capabilities, formulation expertise, increased accessibility and affordability, as well as the market entry to the U.S. and other larger regions.

“Establishing a strong presence in the pharmaceutical market in India is therefore essential for a distributor like Azelis and we are very excited to have found such a good partner, which will serve as a very good platform to further expand our pharma activities in India. S. Zhaveri has an excellent reputation in the market, a unique set of principles and a very knowledgeable team with a strong expertise in excipients.” Explained Mr. Laurent Nataf, CEO and President, Azelis Asia Pacific. [APBN]