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Australia’s Largest Start-up Accelerator Becomes Singapore’s First Healthtech Accelerator

Following three months of intensive search, BlueChilli has successfully selected their first groups of Healthtech start-ups, tackling a range of healthcare issues in the region.

The BlueChilli HealthTech Accelerator programme in Singapore will take 10 emerging entrepreneurs on a journey to grow their business and gain access to BlueChilli’s venture studio to help them advance their products, rapidly scale their customer base, secure investments and expand their teams.

In collaboration with Enterprise Singapore, BlueChilli will become Singapore’s first Healthtech accelerator, and introduced the accelerator programme catered to start-ups seeking to improve and solve the region’s healthcare challenges with innovation technology.

“The impressive calibre of passionate and impact-driven founders invited to join our programme speaks to the great promise in the entrepreneurial talents of Southeast Asia,” said BlueChilli programme director Seow Hui Hong. “The early stage startups selected for the programme are tackling issues in mental health, chronic disease, preventive care and efficiency of small health service providers – and we believe in their potential to improve health outcomes in the region.”

Some of the first start-ups who will be part of the programme include, Safe Space, a 24/7 AI-enabled chatbot to provide early intervention and sustainable therapy support for mental health issues. Advanx Health, focusing on growing their health and wellness portfolio through insights and solutions based on an individual’s genetic profile. Xenomites, a company working on a product to efficiently deliver a proprietary, clinically proven mix of agents to drastically reduce dust mite colonies in home and community settings. Lastly, Reemedy, who are developing a B2B procurement platform and marketplace that provide real-time pricing and transparent access to medical supplies with reviews from fellow practitioners and providers, integrated with clinic management software.

The start-ups were selected for the programme based on the founders’ ambition and capabilities to advance ideas in improving health in Southeast Asia, as well as the founder fit for the programme to make the most impact in realising their start-ups’ potential.

The programme – which is supported by partners CSIRO, Galen Growth Asia, Mercer, Resmed and The Working Capitol – will culminate in January 2020 with an Investor Showcase where the start-ups will pitch to a room of leading investors from across APAC.

With a portfolio valued at over S$ 761 million, BlueChilli has launched 132 start-ups and collectively raised over US$170 million since its establishment in 2011. The global venture studio is headquartered in Australia and Singapore, with regional operations in the United States, Indonesia and New Zealand. [APBN]