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Australian Medical Life Sciences Company Expands Nutraceutical Business to the USA

Medlab Clinical Ltd (MDC) signs a Heads of Agreement with the American Nutritional Corp Inc. (ANC), entering the US market using MDC’s existing nutraceutical products.

ANC is a US entity with audited and approved manufacturing capabilities for several extremely large institutional US brands.

The Australian based medical life science company, MDC develops therapeutic pathways for diagnosed chronic diseases as well as pain management, depression, and obesity. Several of MDC’s current, unique nutraceuticals are well positioned for ANC clients. This deal should see current MDC products enter both medical and consumer markets with larger, existing companies already strong in branding and distribution. Whilst Medlab will be featured on the label, the overall intent is to rebrand to suit the client’s general branding strategy.

Commercial terms and specific distribution partners are to be finalised through execution of a definitive commercial agreement. The first US launch of MDC products is predicted to occur within December 2019.

Medlab CEO, Dr Sean Hall said “having access to clients of this calibre and being able to tap into their supply chains is very exciting and a great opportunity to truly enter into the US nutraceutical market. It is our patents, research, and strong clinical capabilities that makes us attractive.”

In addition to the USA, MDC intends to venture into other potential international territories as a number of these institutional companies’ market internationally or are planning for expansion.

The agreement is also an opportunity to expand the relationship with ANC and capitalize on their manufacturing capabilities, providing ongoing economies of scale for the local market. [APBN]