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Agreement to Accelerate Commercialization of Point-Of-Care Kit for Ovarian Cancer Detection

Announced in January 2020, the partnership between INEX Innovative Pte Ltd and INALWAYS Corporation will allow registration and distribution of OvaCisTM in Taiwan.

Developed by Singapore-based molecular diagnostics group, INEX Innovate Pte Ltd, OvaCisTM is a CE-marked in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) kit that can accurately distinguish between benign and malignant epithelial ovarian cysts. The kit is a colorimetric assay used to test ovarian cyst fluid for the presence of Haptoglobin – a protein biomarker – during an endoscopic cystectomy. This highly sensitive biomarker in ovarian cyst fluid is able to indicate the presence of early-stage ovarian cancer.

The intra-operative point of care test provides results within minutes and is an alternative to Frozen Section which can take up to an hour, dependent on section and subject to human error with variable accuracy.

INEX Innovate Chief Executive, Mr. Kane Black said “We are delighted to work together with Michael and his team at INALWAYS Corporation to bring about the successful launch of OvaCis™ a cutting edge device that will improve patient outcomes, reduce operating theatre times and impact positively on costs for the patient, health system and insurers in the Taiwanese healthcare system”

The agreement will provide INEX with access to a distribution channel of over 18 medical centres and over 100 teaching hospital accounts across Taiwan. OvaCisTM is patent across a number of countries including USA, European Union, China, India, and Singapore. Recent improvements to the kit has raised its clinical appeal and utility. It is also undergoing a clinical study with a renowned cancer institute in the USA for validation and eventual submission to the CLIA program by USA’s Food and Drug Agency.

Mr. Michael Huang CEO of INALWAYS Corporation said “As a company we are always in search of new cutting edge medical technologies to bring to the burgeoning Taiwanese market with a view for improving the lives and health span of Taiwanese medical consumers. The obstetrics and gynaecology segments is one of our targeted portfolio. We are very happy to be working with INEX Innovate and we look forward to continue working together with them to bring their pipeline of exciting medical technologies into Taiwan”. [APBN]