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Asia-Pacific Biotech News (APBN) is the first magazine that offers comprehensive reports on research and news in biotechnology, environmental science, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, etc., in the Asia-Pacific region. Started in 1997, APBN continues to explore the frontiers of biotechnology in Asia, providing industry professionals and experts with business insights and research highlights.

APBN can assist you to:

  1. Announce the launch of new products
  2. Promote existing products and services
  3. Create awareness of the company/products to potential investors as well as those in the industry
  4. Penetrate the Asia-Pacific region
  5. Place recruitment advertisements, conference, or exhibition announcements to attract top academics and researchers worldwide


Our Audiences

APBN is widely read by pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals, investors, academics, and researchers in both the Asia-Pacific and worldwide markets.

APBN is also accessible to the large and rapidly expanding sector of professionals in biotech industries in countries such as China, India, and Taiwan. This publication also reaches out to the companies in Europe and North America that are interested in the growth of biotech companies in the Asia-Pacific region.


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