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ADVANCE.AI, the First Company in Southeast Asia to Be ISO International Security 30107-3 Compliant

This provides reassurance that their comprehensive market-leading solutions are compliant, high quality and meet global standards.

ADVANCE.AI, a leading AI company specialising in digital identity verification, risk management, and process automation, is the first company in Southeast Asia to successfully pass iBeta’s Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) test against fraudulent attacks in compliance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 30107-3 standard for its liveness detection products.

The ISO 30107-3 is one of the most stringent technical standards that is recognised internationally for the robustness of biometric technology against presentation attacks. The accreditation is a testament to ADVANCE.AI’s liveness detection capabilities in meeting global biometric standards.

ADVANCE.AI offers a comprehensive suite of solutions including KYC (Know Your Customer), KYB (Know Your Business) and KYT (Know Your Transaction) services that are consolidated into a single, easily customisable platform. Usage scenarios include customer onboarding, credit assessment as well as compliance, fraud, and risk management.

Steven Zhou, Product Director of ADVANCE.AI, said, “Navigating complex regulatory and compliance standards is one of the biggest challenges for today’s businesses, especially in the financial services, fintech and web3.0 industries. Receiving this globally recognised security standard gives our clients and partners the reassurance that our comprehensive market-leading solutions are compliant, high quality and meet global standards.”

ADVANCE.AI is part of Advance Intelligence Group, one of the largest independent technology startups based in Singapore with operations across South and Southeast Asia, Greater China, Latin America and Africa. ADVANCE. AI’s flagship product, One-Stop Platform, provides a unified customer onboarding and profiling platform that combines 200+ data sources to power real-time response and fraud detection, with no-code orchestration capabilities that empower businesses to deliver a safe, quick, and frictionless onboarding experience. [APBN]