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Accelerating Efforts to Combat the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Manufacturer of compressed air systems, BOGE ramps up efforts to ensure healthcare systems are supplied with its medical compressed air systems.

Responding to the rapidly growing COVID-19 global pandemic, BOGE, a compressed air specialist has directed all its efforts to address this pressing situation quickly.

“Clinics need compressed air on a daily basis to provide machine ventilation to patients in intensive care units and to operate different medical devices. As a major supplier to plant constructors and device manufacturers, BOGE is giving top priority to orders from the medical and healthcare sectors,” says Nalin Amunugama, General Manager, BOGE Kompressoren Asia Pacific.

Medical compressed air is a medicinal product that has to be supplied uninterrupted around the clock and maintained at high quality at all times. Provision of machine ventilation to patients in intensive care units, the respiratory air must be sterile as well as dry and oil-free.

BOGE recently launched a portable compressor for small operations. The BOGE EO Med mobile solution offers a simple installation process, with the potential to extend in medical air installations or as a complete new medical air system, within hours and minimum installation works.

At the regulatory level, compressed air systems in clinics are already designed to cope with extreme circumstances. One example is the concurrent supply of compressed air to exceptional numbers of patients – something which is to be expected across the globe and which BOGE is already seeing in several regions.

“The demand for medical compressed air will skyrocket with the increasing number of COVID-19 patients. We are working closely with medical companies and hospitals in this extraordinary situation and are doing everything to intensify the manufacture of our machines and devices. Our competence and experience in plant engineering and our medical expertise guarantee a reliable medical compressed air supply,” Mr Amunugama assures.

BOGE Singapore has supplied a large number of its EO air compressors to a local hospital in March 2020, and will continue to push its efforts to support healthcare systems across the Asia Pacific regions and beyond.

The company has also set up a corona crisis committee to follow closely with the developments of the pandemic to implement any necessary precautions. This will ensure the safety and protection of its employees and maintain business operations through contingency plans and roll out of additional measures. [APBN]