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$5M Boost to Innovation in Australia With New Illumina Genomics Lab

The new laboratory is now open in Melbourne Biomedical Precinct to accelerate the adoption of genomics in healthcare and agriculture in Australia.

Illumina, Inc., the global leader in genomics, has announced the opening of a new, fully equipped laboratory to help Australian researchers and entrepreneurs make significant scientific breakthroughs in areas such as infectious disease, oncology, genetic disease and agriculture.

Known as the Illumina Innovation Collective, the lab will make available the latest in DNA sequencing, array platforms, and data analysis tools, all supported by specialist scientific expertise to enable clinicians and researchers, to not only understand the genome but also fully tap into its power.

Ms Gretchen Weightman, Illumina Vice President and General Manager of Asia Pacific and Japan said, “Genomic discoveries offer new treatments and fresh hope to the patients of tomorrow as well novel solutions for our farming communities.

“During our early years, Illumina pioneered technology that could see into the genome. Since then, we have endeavoured to make the genome more accessible to ensure that the extraordinary potential of these scientific breakthroughs has a truly global reach.

“Our investment is a testament to the strength and breadth of the unique talent and culture of innovation that can be found in Australia,” Ms Weightman said.

The Illumina Innovation Collective goal is to support at least half a dozen Australian research projects concurrently. It is the first genomics lab in Australia, where Illumina’s training specialists, lab scientists, clinical liaison officers and medical affairs teams are working shoulder to shoulder with genomics leaders, healthcare professionals, and patient communities, to fully realise the potential of genomics.

“We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the community, not just through our technology, but through our actions,” Ms Weightman said.

Illumina Innovation Collective will also host Illumina for Startups Australia, which is focused on creating an innovation ecosystem for the genomics industry by partnering with leading venture capital investors and entrepreneurs to create, launch, and grow genomics startups in Australia.

Illumina for Startups initiatives also include Illumina Accelerator, founded in 2014, and Sequoia Capital China Intelligent Healthcare Genomics Incubator, Powered by Illumina, announced in 2021.

Ms Emma Ball, Head of Illumina for Startups Australia said, “We are looking forward to partnering with the vibrant entrepreneurial and investor ecosystem in Australia by dedicating advanced technologies, genomics expertise, business guidance and networks to accelerate innovation and startups across the region.

Through collaborative interactions, rapid delivery of solutions, and prioritising the needs of researchers and entrepreneurs, Illumina Innovation Collective will spearhead genomics innovation at a global level to make a real impact on human health and beyond,” Ms Ball said.

Illumina Innovation Collective is located proximate to the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia. [APBN]

Source: Illumina, Inc.